When Appliance Repair Is Cheaper Than Buying a New One

Appliance repairman fixing a washing machine

If your dishwasher, washer or dryer breaks, it’s tempting to just buy a new one. But if you’re willing to do some research and comparison shopping first, you might find that repair is actually a better option. Here are four situations where repairing an appliance is cheaper than buying new: The appliance is less than […]

Is It Time To Replace Your Kitchen Appliances?

Appliance repair Winnipeg

If you’re like me, you love your kitchen appliances and would never dream of replacing them. However, at some point our beloved stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves become less reliable and start costing us more money. So how do we know when it’s time to replace a particular appliance? Here are some questions that might […]

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator For Your Home?

Frdige repair Winnipeg

Refrigerators are a necessary and vital part of our daily lives. They help us save time and money, while also keeping our food fresh. Whether you need to store perishable items or keep non-perishables cool, refrigerators serve an important role in the kitchen. If your current fridge is broken, or you’re just looking to upgrade […]

9 Common Appliance Problems You Can Easily Fix Yourself

Young Repairman Service Worker Repairing Dishwasher Appliance In Kitchen.

If you have an appliance problem, it can be very frustrating. Whether the issue is with your dishwasher, dryer, or refrigerator, it can be difficult to find the source of the problem and even more challenging to figure out how to fix it. Fortunately for you, these common appliance problems are easy (and often inexpensive) […]

Fridge Troubleshooting Tips: 6 Things That Can Go Wrong And How To Fix Them

Fridge repairman repairs a fridge

Modern refrigerators are equipped with a slew of tools and sensors that assist in monitoring the internal temperature. From alarms to cooling fans, fridges can adapt and react to maintain the perfect temperature. But while today’s modern fridges possess many advancements, they still fail to account for the occasional glitch or malfunction. When your refrigerator […]

5 Reasons Your Dishwasher is Leaking

Open empty dishwasher

Are you having problems with your dishwasher? Most homeowners are. Now, remember that this list is in no way intended to be exhaustive; it’s just meant to give you a few ideas. The internet is full of tips on how to find the problem and repair it yourself, but I will warn you — some […]

The 6 Top Tips For Choosing a Microwave Oven That’ll Last You A Long Time

A woman putting a dish in a microwave

Microwaves are handy devices that can help you with multiple tasks. A good microwave not only provides you with food heating capabilities, but it also helps in reheating and defrosting. Some even have defrosting modes that automatically control the defroster and end the defrosting when it is completed. As long as you know what to […]

10 Most Common Appliance Installation Mistakes

Man installing appliances

Are you a DIY person? Do you like to save a few dollars by installing your own appliances? Although you can save money by installing them yourself, there are some obstacles that you may be facing but aren’t aware of. It might be confusing to install major appliances and I have listed some mistakes that […]

The Complete Guide for Buying a New Oven

How do you buy a new oven It’s not exactly rocket science. But there are some things you might have not thought about before. I’ve used this guide on a few occasions and have something to show for it, which is pretty good considering the price of the product. When you’re going to invest in […]

7 Insanely Easy Ways To Save Money With Your Appliances

Save money while using your home appliance with these energy saving tips

Many people are not very aware of how much electricity their appliances are using. Many times, this factor may be overlooked because the only thing that comes to mind is a straight electric bill. What is more important to at least take note of is the fact that what you save on your energy bill […]