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Common Appliance Problems To Prevent

Are you experiencing common appliance problems? When something goes wrong with your freezer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, or refrigerator, it can be a tricky and stressful situation. If you take the time to prevent these appliances from failing by learning how to handle the most common problems that arise with them, then you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary headaches afterwards.

Service isn’t just a word to us—it’s how we live our lives. It is our passion to bring you peace of mind by providing quality service and maintenance on your appliances. We understand the hassle of dealing with faulty appliances, so we strive to make sure that whichever appliance you need repairs on, your experience with us will be pleasantly stress-free. We look forward to speaking with you and finding the best solution for your needs.

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1. Learn how to use your appliances

Most people don’t read their owner’s manuals, but if you take the time to learn how your appliances operate, it can go a long way toward preventing problems down the road. For example, did you know that dishwashers should be run with the door open after each cycle? This helps remove moisture from inside the dishwasher so mold doesn’t grow on the walls of your machine.

For example use care when loading and unloading dishes and pots. As tempting as it may be to put hot pots or dishes directly into the dishwasher (especially if there’s not enough room for them in the sink), this can cause warping and cracking over time. Instead, let them cool before putting them in the dishwasher — or wash them by hand if necessary.

2. Prevent accidents from happening

Appliances are a part of your home’s infrastructure, and they can help you streamline your life by making it easier to do things like cook, clean and wash clothes. However, appliances can also cause problems if you don’t take care of them properly.

Everyone knows about the dangers of leaving the water running or forgetting to turn off the stove. But there are other dangers that aren’t as obvious. Here are some common appliance problems you should know about:

Overheating – This can be caused by an appliance’s thermostat being set too high or not having enough ventilation to keep cool. To prevent overheating, make sure your vents aren’t blocked by furniture or drapes, and check the settings on your thermostat. If it is too high, lower it so that the appliance isn’t working harder than necessary to keep cool.

Electrical shorts – Shorts in electrical wiring can cause fires in appliances like refrigerators and stoves. To prevent this problem, make sure all wires are properly connected and insulated, and if there is any damage or wear on any of them, replace them immediately so they don’t cause a fire hazard down the road.

3. Perform regular maintenance checks

Begin by performing a thorough inspection of the washer, dryer and dishwasher. The most important thing to check is the water level. If it is low, add more water to the drum. Also look for any signs of rust or corrosion on the rubber seal around the door or on the front panel of the machine. This could indicate that there is a leak in your plumbing system, which should be resolved immediately.

4. Get rid of clutter

Stuffing too much stuff into a small space will make it harder for your appliances to work properly. This is because they have less space to move around and their air circulation is compromised. If you want your appliances to work efficiently, give them enough space so that they can breathe freely.

Cleaning your appliances regularly will help prevent the build-up of dirt, dust and grime which could eventually lead to problems such as overheating or rusting. Regularly cleaning the lint filter of your dryer also helps prevent it from overheating which could potentially cause a fire hazard.

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